Lots of love

Hi there,
today is my birthday! That’s why I don’t have much time: the phone is ringing non-stop, I have dinner preps to do, and, er…, ok, yes, I need to get some work done, too. And it’s Thursday – time for you to hear from me again with my latest ideas to get you writing. Today’s prompt is inspired by my bday mindset – the catchword is love as you may have guessed!

I know it’s everywhere around, but on a day like this I feel it quite strongly: people make efforts, some even go endless miles to let me know how much I mean to them (I’m blushing, I swear!). And it makes me realise – well, vice versa, guys. You’re in my heart, always. This thing seems to keep growing, seems to expand, as more and more people show up and find some space in there to settle. And stay. Not a problem, make yourself at home…. (I’m talking about you … yes, you!!!)

So, first off, you will be wondering why I’m writing in English today. This is because I would like to encourage you to try and write in a foreign language you have learned. It’s easier than you think! Don’t try to build very complex sentences, keep it as simple as you possibly can. There’s beauty in it, you’ll see! And as you’re doing it, you might even become a slightly different person, think a little differently, take a different stance – and thus get to know yourself better.

And as my main concern of the day is love in all its forms (think: love for your partner, your kid, your family, your neighbour, your goldfish, your cactus, high heels, … you get it, don’t you?) try to write a short-short story about love that conquers all. No matter whether your story is set in a small town in France in 2019, in a medieval monastery, in a spaceship, in a kindergarten: it will always move your reader if you get it right. Which you will, as long as you are brave, honest, open-minded, and have empathy. You get it, don’t you?

LOVE to hear from you!


Bildnachweis: Debbie Hudson on unsplash.com – Thanks, Debbie!